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New Research Into Chronic Pain Treatment for OSTEO-ARTHRITIS

New Medical Finding with Brain Scans and Functional MRI's Modern Brain Imaging has revealed that most chronic pain from OSTEO-ARTHRITIS is the result of the brain's inability to turn off pain messages from the body. In chronic pain the brain simply is not producing and releasing enough natural pain killers (such as endorphins) to stop the person's suffering.

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These new medical findings show that chronic pain from OSTEO-ARTHRITIS is caused by a low level of Natural Pain Killer's and poor neurotransmitter health in their brains - as compared to people without pain.

Research has confirmed that if one could restore the natural pain killers to normal levels in someone suffering with OSTEO-ARTHRITIS, that person would have over a 90% chance of reducing and even stopping their pain despite the structural damage to the body.

The Natural Pain Relief Center's proprietary, non-narcotic, combination therapy restores the natural pain killers to normal levels in the body. A healthy brain emerges and people have less or no pain, good moods and wonderful deep restful sleep (with many patients experiencing weight loss too.)

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